Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy consultations are provided by Dr. Maddie Deutsch, the Medical Director of UCSF Transgender Care, an Associate Professor of Clinical Family & Community Medicine, and an internationally recognized expert in transgender medicine.  Patients can be seen only for hormone therapy and consultation, or in conjunction with receiving primary care. In many cases, visits can be conducted using video visits / telemedicineIt is strongly advised that all patients being seen by Dr. Deutsch for hormone therapy consultation only have an outside primary care provider; in the case of co-existing health issues, patients may be required to establish a primary care relationship either with an outside medical provider, or with Dr. Deutsch.

Dr. James F. Smith, MD, MS in the UCSF Department of Urology offers the placement of testosterone pellets.  Patients seeking this treatment should either have a referring hormone prescriber who can co-manage their care, or should first see Dr. Deutsch for a consultation.

Why is transgender hormone therapy based at UCSF Women's Health Primary Care?

There are many overlaps between women's health and transgender health, including the use of hormones. At UCSF, the leadership at Women's Health Primary Care has made providing hormone therapy to transgender and gender nonbinary people a priority.

Do you also see transgender men at Women's Health Primary Care?

Yes! Approximately 10% of patients seen are cisgender (non-transgender men), including gay and bisexual men who feel more comfortable receiving care with us, and men who have chosen to receive their primary care with us based on the recommendations of their friends or relatives. As a result, it is fairly common to see men in our clinic waiting room, so transgender men can feel very comfortable and welcome at our clinic.

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Information about hormone therapy