Psychiatry and Mental Health Services

We offer a range of mental health services. Our mental health provider staff coordinates preoperative assessments, and can help assist with referrals for psychotherapy and other mental health needs. 

UCSF Transgender Care holds a monthly multidisciplinary case conference, which brings together mental health, medical, surgical, and social work specialists to insure our patients receive optimal, coordinated care.

Specific detail on our approach to surgical assessments can be found here.

The LGBT Psychiatry Clinic at UCSF is staffed by psychiatrists with specific expertise in gender identity affirmation, and works closely with the rest of the UCSF Transgender Care team.  This is a specialty clinic located within the Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital and Clinics Adult Outpatient Service, operating under the supervision of Erick Hung, MD. This half-day clinic provides mental health services (evaluation, consultation, treatment, and linkage) to LGBT individuals, with a specific expertise in the health of sexual and gender minorities. The clinic population is varied demographically including a wide range of sexual and gender minorities, ages, socioeconomic status, relationship status, ethnicity and race, past psychiatric history, and diagnoses. We treat patients who experience mental health symptoms that are a result of minority stress (e.g. coping with prejudice and lack of equal civil rights for LGBT individuals), issues related to the coming out process and other lifespan milestones, socio-ecological contributions to health, and intersectionality factors. We treat a range of psychiatric diagnoses, including adjustment disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, neuropsychiatric symptoms related to HIV/AIDS, and other severe mental illnesses. Clinical services include comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, gender affirmation surgical evaluations, medication management, psychotherapy, and linkage to community agencies for psychosocial support.