Brady Johnson - Transgender Care Navigator

Brady Johnson is a Transgender Care Navigator at UCSF where he assists in the delivery of patient-centered care to transgender patients. In this role, Brady coordinates patient care as the liaison between transgender-identified patients and the various practitioners within the UCSF Transgender Care Program and the whole UCSF Health system. He also uses motivational interviewing to assist patients in achieving their healthcare goals.
Professionally, Brady is passionate about HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, LGBT health, global health, hyperbaric medicine, and international medicine. He has clinical experience as an Emergency Medical Technician and physician scribe as well as technology experience in Epic (Radiant and Cupid), eClinicalWorks, basic web development, advanced Excel, and cryptocurrency. Brady ultimately aspires to be a physician that specializes in inclusive, gender-affirming LGBT care.
Brady studied neuroscience at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. After graduation, he traveled around the world through over thirty countries, and in Thailand, Brady became a certified SSI Stress & Rescue Scuba Diver. If he is not currently on the phone with a patient's insurance company, Brady can often be found eating Vietnamese food in Little Saigon or hanging in a hammock in Golden Gate Park.